Cabin Fever

Travel from home.

Cabin Fever is a website that aims to allow people to learn about another region or country's culture while staying safe during uncertain times. The solution: a pen pal, from anywhere in the world, who is experiencing just as much wanderlust as you. Head on over to the "Take Quiz" tab to fill out questions and get matched with a pen pal, and go to the "Start Talking" tab to get randomly generated prompts to facilitate your conversations.

In the "Take Quiz" section, you will answer a few questions about yourself in order to be matched with 2-3 pen pals that meet your wants. You only need to take the quiz once and your preferences will be saved. Upon finishing the quiz, you will be given your pen pal's contact information (usually an email) to initiate the conversation. Your information may be given to people who take the quiz after you do as well, so watch out for emails from others!

The purpose of the "Start Talking" section is to encourage thoughtful, provoking conversation with your pen pal. The buttons generate random prompts with each click, allowing you to shake things up and continue even if the given prompt is boring. The discussion questions should be answered honestly and thoroughly, so as to provide detailed immersion to your pen pal's culture. The activities are more lighthearted and casual ways to get to know one another and break the ice. The youtube videos cover a wide variety of topics, from tea around the world to a look into the phonology of Danish. They can be watched alone or together, for any sort of reflection wished. The purpose of the videos is to give a general knowledge of culture that may not be something you or your pen pal can relate to on a personal level.

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